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Live Wedding Painter

White Hydrangeas

 a One-of-a-Kind Keepsake for You and Your Family to Cherish For Generations.

"Lindsey did a great job at our wedding. Communication with her was a breeze and the guests loved it. Each guest got to leave with their own unique 5×7 hand-painted picture of themselves from our wedding. Honestly the best guest favors we could have done. We also got our own watercolor portrait include but bigger at 8×10. It was well worth every penny for us when we priced out other wedding favors that didnt have as much meaning behind them."

"Worth Every Penny!"

- Candice M.

White Hydrangeas

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Let's Make This Memory Last Lifetimes..

Couple's Oil Paintings

What to Expect

As a Live Wedding Painter, it is my job to memorialize your biggest moment in a tasteful oil painting that will be in your family for generations.

Upon contact, we will discuss the details of the painting. This will take place via email or phone call before your big day so you can focus on you!

When your big day comes, I will arrive early to set up and start painting the background. Then, I will step in with your photographer to get the action shot of your choice.

Afterwards, I will move to a corner of the reception area to continue working where guests can watch and enjoy! 

At the end of the night, you will be able to review the painting and make any more special requests before I take it back to my studio for refinement and touch ups.

When I've finished refining the painting and giving it ample time to dry, I will ship the painting to you for free! (Typically 4-6 weeks after the wedding) 

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Guest Portraits

A unique and personalized guest favor that is sure to WOW!

What to Expect

I will arrive early to set up and open my booth for guests to visit once they arrive. 

Each guest will have their photo taken by my assistant so I may work based off the reference. Individual paintings take anywhere between 5-7 minutes, so I will ask guests to come back at the end of the night to collect them.

All paintings are minimalistic renditions with floral backgrounds. Each will come in a plastic sleeve for protection and will be signed by the artist.

Included is a larger surprise portrait of the bride and groom! 


Out of State/Destination Weddings

I am more than willing to travel for your wedding! Upon booking, we will discuss additional travel/lodging costs. 

The Details

Oil Paintings:

  • 14"x18"  -  $950

  • 16"x20"  -  $1,200

  • 20"x24"  -  $1,500

  • 24"x30"  -  $2,000

Watercolor Guest Portraits:

  • 3 Hours (50-75 Guests)                $600   (minimum package)

  • 4 Hours (75-100 Guests)              $800

  • 5 Hours (100-125 Guests)          $1000

  • 6 Hours (125-150 Guests)         $1,300

  • 7 Hours (150-175 Guests)         $1,600

  • 8 Hours (175-200 Guests)         $1,900

  • 8+ Hours (200+ Guests)             $2,200

Optional Payment Plan

I am open to being flexible in creating a plan that works for you. Otherwise, I ask for 50% upon booking and 50% the week before the wedding.


Due to high demand, bookings are dictated by who places their deposit first. If you are interested, I highly recommend starting the booking process as soon as possible! All deposits are nonrefundable.

10% Off to Veterans, EMS, & Firefighters


White Hydrangeas

Thanks for submitting!

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