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Art by Lindsey Ridgeway

Creativity coach, art coach, spirituality coach, free webinar, online workshop, meditation
White Hydrangeas

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Crafting Calm

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Every Tuesday at the Cowee School Arts Center, Franklin, NC
Live wedding paintings, original artwork, prints, stickers
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Lindsey Ridgeway Art

About Lindsey

Lindsey paints philosophies of human consciousness, her personal milestones in spiritual healing, and the essence of the natural world. Her style flows between surrealism, botanicals, and landscapes. She uses bright colors and fine details to leave a strong impact on the audience. While most of her collection is produced with acrylics, she vows to only use natural materials moving forward. To keep from contributing to global pollution and the production of toxic materials, she is currently utilizing ethically sourced earthen pigments, mixing each color by hand with walnut oil and releasing prints in limited quantities.

surrealism artwork, original paintings

Kelly Brogan MD -

"Lindsey is a girl on fire. An extraordinary artist, coach, and social media rabble rouser in all the best ways, posting images of her art that confront our definition of what we are allowed to express. Now, Lindsey's commissioned art hangs all over my house."

Featured Exhibitions

professional artist, oil painter, surrealism art, metaphysical art

Mush Love Art

NVRLND BOUTIQUE - Calgary, AB, Canada

July 29-30, 2023

mushroom art, mushroom painting, fungi painting, nc art, Appalachian Art

It's All Magic! - Art Show

Heart, Soul, and Art - Marietta, GA

November 11, 2023

Metaphysical art, spiritual art, meditation art
metaphysical art, mediation art, spiritual art, chakra art

Noteworthy Experience

It's All Magic Art Show - Marietta, GA

Heart, Soul, & Art


Mush Love Art Exhibit - Calgary, AB, Canada

NVRLND Boutique



"My Shadow, My Friend" - Book Illustration

(self-help, healing, mental health)


Public Mural - Whistle Stop Antiques

145 River Road, Franklin, NC, 28734

Mushroom paintings, creativity coach, nature art, botanical art
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